Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced swimmer, these lap challenges are aimed to get you flowing. Each challenge can be used reach the next level. It helps to have a buddy to record your laps in these challenges – a swimmer can loose count very easily.  As you complete each challenge, email me, post a picture or a quick video on the Facebook page or Instagram page with hashtags #swim4dystonia #lapsoflove #dystoniamovesme and the challenge you selected (for example: #1000lapsoflove) so that you can inspire and encourage me as well as others amongst your community and the dystonia community.


Here are the challenges:

For beginners, kids and learn to swim swimmers – In these challenges it doesn’t matter how fast you go, or if you have to stop to take a breather,  the important goal is to have fun and finish.

  • 1-2 laps challenge
  • 8 laps challenge


For intermediate swimmers or those who have completed the 1-8 lap challenges – In these challenges try to be consistent (no stopping).  Timing doesn’t matter, smile and have fun!

  • 16 laps challenge
  • 32 laps challenge
  • 40 laps challenge


For seasoned swimmers or team challenges, or those who have completed the 16-40 lap challenges – These challenges will certainly make you work for your breath!

  • 100 laps challenge
  • 200 laps challenge
  • 400 laps challenge
  • 1,000 laps challenge

Remember to educate others to spread the awareness, make a donation and have fun!!

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♥ 1 lap = 25metres. (ex: 40 x 25 = 1,000m)

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