Laps of Love is a non-profit campaign to raise awareness for Dystonia- a rare neuromuscular disorder that affects over 50,000 patients in Canada for which there is limited expertise amongst the medical and paramedical communities (i.e. massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, etc)

My daughters were the main inspiration to my campaign, Laps of Love. They would come to my swim practices and swim meets and cheer so loudly and scream “go mommy go, we love you!”.  When I am struggling with practices or I am having trouble because of my symptoms, they stand at the end of the deck saying, ” you can do it mommy, we love you!” or “take a break mommy”.  Each lap I swam, I would touch the wall and look up and my daughters would be smiling at me with two thumbs up. Each lap was fueled by love, hence the campaign name. One day after my swim, I sat on the deck dangling my feet in the water looking at the starting blocks feeling defeated. I remember thinking that there had to be some way raising awareness and connecting with the community.  That’s when I started to journal my ideas and Laps of Love was born.

I believe I will be able to achieve my swim goals all while smiling and educating those around me about my mission and hopefully inspiring others to join in the fun.

Whether you know someone with dystonia or have dystonia,  Laps of Love is about bringing communities together in health and in wellness.  You can get involved by participating in a swim challenge, showing your support at a swim meet or making a donation.

Join me as I train, swim, do challenges and race all to raise awareness for dystonia!

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