09 Jul

20 weeks of waiting, finally, I am happy to say I am back!

It turned out I had torn a muscle and some ligaments in my leg and any form of exercise was aggravating it leading to a longer recovery (yes even walking for 10 mins to pick up my kids from school was hurting!)  I am please to say that my dystonia symptoms have been in remission since my last botox treatment in June 2017, yes, even with this injury, I have had no spasms or pulling. (yay!!)

As I sat on the sidelines, I reflected a lot.  The challenges that come along with an injury were very similar to the ones I faced with dystonia.  When I was first diagnosed, I wanted to continue doing all the things I loved and many times forgetting that it would trigger spasms and I’d be out for 1-4 days with terrible tremors, pulling, and spasms.  With this injury, I found myself doing the same thing.  Being spontaneous is a big part of my personality and as I got inspired to try a yoga pose or go for a hike, I was quickly reminded that it was too much for my body.

Enter mediation and visualization.  I spent 10-15mins a couple times a day, sitting in my chair or outside quietly meditating and picturing my leg healing to full recovery.  Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of times when I was overly worried about the pain and all the other symptoms attached to the injury but this meditation helped me to stay centred and focused on the path of recovery.  I truly believe, that this mental exercise in addition to my diet & supplement routine helped me with my recovery.

I will admit, I feel both excited and a intimidated to return to the pool.  I’m in a new town and unfamiliar faces can sometimes lead to self consciousness especially if a spasm is triggered.  It took me a long time to accept that this how I am feeling, hopefully the people here will be as supportive and kind as those I swam with in Burlington.


There’s been a couple of changes with the Laps of Love campaign in result of the injury.  The main event which was planned for Sunday September 8th, is now going to be the day in which I will personally swim to complete as much of my lap goal as I can.  I will be renting out a pool in my community to potentially complete my lap goal of 10,000 laps.  I’ll post up more information as it available.

I will be swimming in the upcoming Masters swim season, however, I’m not sure if I will be competing, I want to make sure that injury is healing properly.

Fundraising is still on going so please please take the time to donate!! Click here to purchase a swim cap.  Click here to donate to my campaign.

Thank you to my family, friends and supporters who have been by my side through this journey.


See you in the pool,


Sumbul Zafar

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