28 Apr

The frustration is setting in a little deeper these days.  It’s been 8 weeks since I was in the pool and I am missing it.  In my March post “Forced To Take A Break” I shared that I had a leg injury that was preventing me from swimming.  After some more investigation, this injury has turned out to be a little more complex than what I expected.  It turns out that I had an opacity in my leg which is some sort of growth.  At this point, I have no idea what this could be.  Hopefully the MRI I had on Wednesday will shed some light on this issue.

Another mystery that needs to be solved.  It reminds me of the waiting game I went through trying to figure out my dystonia diagnoses.  I recall the millions of paths that my mind took me down: Am I crazy? Is this happening?  Why can’t anyone figure this out?  This time instead of following that thought pattern, I decided to let it go.  Don’t get me wrong, there is fear of the unknown but I remember how much energy I spent worrying the last time and it aggravated my symptoms even more.  This time I breathe through it, I pray on it, I am aware of my limits and listen to my pain.   This is the main reason why I made the choice to stay out of the pool.  Sure, I could’ve gone into the water with my pull buoy and just swim my 100 laps pulling but I know that if I did that, I would be in denial that there’s an issue in my leg  and potentially aggravate my leg even more and potentially trigger my dystonia (I’ve been symptom free since November and no botox since June).

Stress, whether it is emotional or physical has a way of manifesting itself in our body.  Everything is connected and as such, it is so important that for me, I am aware of how things are connected or let’s face it I can be a pretty cranky person!  Dystonia is my greatest teacher of the above and for that I am grateful.

So what am I doing instead of swimming?  I am settling into my new home in a town called Dundas, Ontario; I continue to spread the awareness of dystonia in this community by speaking to my new friends, local shops where I make a purchase of my supplements, I’m mailing out Laps of Love caps (get yours today!!)I hand out DMRF Canada cards that explain what dystonia is whenever someone asks for more information; I am growing my nutrition business and I am spending lots of quality time with my family.   Life is short and I want to live it well, with intention and a purpose.

Fingers crossed that I’ll be in the pool soon so I can reach my 40% milestone!!

From the pool side,


Sumbul Zafar

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