14 Mar

After being diagnosed with dystonia in 2014 I was unable to continue swimming because my body would go into intense spasms and I would be in a lot of pain.   During that time away from the pool I felt like a huge part of my active life was gone.  I watched YouTube videos of cool swimming drills, check out swim vlogs and watch clips of the my favourite Olympic swimmers swim in previous years, just to feel like I was still a part the sport.

Two weeks ago I injured my left leg to the point where I couldn’t sit, walk, or move and it forced me to visit the ER.  Hopefully, this is nothing serious and with a little TLC and my crutches I will be ok.  I’ll be going to physiotherapy and my chiropractor, with hopes to be back in the pool in the next few weeks.   Sadly, I will not be attending the Masters Swim Ontario Provincials this year.

Being forced to take a break is likely one of the most frustrating parts of life, especially when you have a lot of passion for what it is that you do.  Swimming is my vice.

I would have hit the 4,000 lap milestone last week and posted about it (currently I am sitting at 3,433 laps), however it wasn’t until I received multiple emails and messages from my followers asking me if I was ok and that they were looking forward to seeing my post with an update, which prompted me to write this post.

Thank you to all of you who are following the journey, sharing in my mission, supporting the cause and spreading the word.  It means so much to me.  Your positive thoughts and well wishes are received wholeheartedly!

See you in the pool,


Sumbul Zafar

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