05 Feb

Head to Head is a mentorship program founded by 2x Canadian Olympian Martha McCabe to encourage, inspire and empower the next generation of athletes to reach their best potential with the help of herself as well as other Canadian Olympian athletes such as Brittany MacLean, Dominique Bouchard and Janya Hefford.

On Sunday, Head to Head put on a Masters Swim Clinic focusing on breaststroke at the University of Toronto.  Martha and her colleague Michael were so friendly and welcoming which really made us fee like we were part of a team.   This experience was so unique and insightful.  All the participants were videoed, which was emailed with voice over feedback from Martha with her suggestions on areas to focus on as well as an outline of all the drills that we did in the pool (I will definitely be adding these to my swims!)

One of the suggestions for me during my breaststroke was to get my head further down in my glide.  In the video, I could actually see that my head wasn’t exactly tucked in nicely and it was actually hard for me to do so.  Having dystonia limits my range of motion with certain movements and can sometimes even trigger spasm or lock.  With the help of the video,   I know how I can implement the drills to help me achieve a smoother glide in my breaststroke.  I’m very excited to get into the pool tomorrow so I can do the drills (this will add some fun to my laps as I only have 262 laps to reach the 3,000 laps milestone!!)

Thank you Martha and Michael for such a great morning.  It is was a really cool experience and can’t wait for the next one!

See you in the pool,


Sumbul Zafar

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