09 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!!

I finished off 2017 by hitting the 2,000 lap milestone mid December.  I am currently sitting at 2,111 laps, and it feels incredible.  Despite the fatigue I was experiencing after the North York Gators Pentathlon, I was still able to enjoy the water at a significantly slower pace.  I wasn’t able to do a video for this milestone which was a bit disappointing, however, when I get to the 3,000 lap milestone it will be a good one!!

Reflecting on the passed four months of starting this campaign,  I can say with a whole heart that it has been such a blessing because I’ve been able to swim to my hearts content with a purpose, because I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people from all over this province, and because I have been able interact with members of the community both online in support groups and in person during my swims.  The out pour of support, energy and inspiration is uncanny.  From my heart to all of yours, Thank you.  Laps of Love means so much to me and being able to feel the energy of support and encouragement with all of you is what drives me to my goal.  I am not only swimming 10,000 laps for me and the awareness, I am swimming for us as a community.

As I enter into 2018 the gratitude continues to pour out on all avenues.  With the help of DMRF Canada, Trisha Mondal, fundraiser developing manager, connected me with the dystonia support group Hamilton chapter.  Jessica Belgrave Sookhoo, the group facilitator, invited me to speak at the next support group meeting to share my initiative in dystonia advocacy.  I am really looking forward to meeting new and familiar face and sharing my story with the group.

Online I am a member of a few dystonia support forums and groups.  These forums and groups are designed for dystonians to share their stories, vent their frustrations and reach for support.  It is a group designed for us to feel less isolated or judged and to be accepted just as we are.  Everyone is compassionate, welcoming and encouraging and we really strive for our fellow dystonians to feel heard and supported.

Earlier this week, I received a message from a very well known person in the dystonia world.  Tom Seaman, author of the book Diagnosis Dystonia, complimented me on my success to this point and wished me luck on reaching my goal.  He also included Laps of Love on his website to be apart of his blog references from around the world! Thank you Tom!!

On the health front my dystonia is at bay (yay!).  I am officially 2 months botox free/medication free and am feeling strong.  I’ve been managing my symptoms by being aware of my body’s need to rest; getting adequate sleep; stretching; going to my bi-weekly physiotherapy appointments/massage appointments; nourishing my body with lots of nutrient dense foods; taking my supplements; using my essential oils to help me relax and meditate; and above all being in the present moment.

That’s all for now.  Thank you to all who has provided support so far and in advance to those who plan to supporting me in 2018.

See you in the pool,




Sumbul Zafar

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I love what you are doing and how well you are feeling! Dystonia by no means is easy and even when we are doing well, we have some rough times, to which I know you are no stranger. That is one of the reasons i love your goal setting for not only yourself, but others who can follow suit by supporting you and themselves in their personal journey. You are very inspiring and as I had mentioned to you previously, I am so excited to cheer you on as you get closer and closer to your goal. Keep shining brightly for all to see!

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