07 Nov

My daughter Syra was up with my at 6:30am Saturday November the 4th, to be my lap counter, and boy did I make a “splash” with her around.  This was the first swim since 2014 that I actually swam 100 laps in a workout and it felt great. To avoid boredom towards the end of the swim, I used my fins to see how long I could stay under water (did that for 200m) and then did a 200IM to finish off. Now that’s fun!

This particular donation swim was ambitious, as I knew how close I was to hitting the 1,000 laps milestone.  I tried to get it done in 3 days, but I knew that if I pushed too hard it wouldn’t do any good. Between the swim Saturday morning, dryalnd training and practice Sunday, I knew rest was important. I finished off the donation today Tuesday November 7th, getting me to 940 (so close!)

It’s a cool feeling to walk into a pool with only the lifeguards around.  After about 20 minutes or so people start trickling in and start asking questions about what I am doing.  Not only was I able to share my story and spread the awareness of dystonia, I also saw familiar faces from other pools that I had swam in during this journey.  It warms my heart to receive smiles from fellow swimmers both young and old asking me how the fundraiser is coming along, how I am feeling and what lap am I at (thank you!).

I also wanted to give a big thank you to Kevin Jones at Team Aquatic Supplies in Burlington, for the Value in Kind donation of the gear to help me swim towards my goal of swimming 10,000 laps.

I’ll be back in the pool tomorrow morning with and (fingers crossed) I’ll hit the 1,000 laps milestone!!


See you in the pool,



Sumbul Zafar

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