01 Oct

I just had to share how amped I am that I completed today’s dryland training.

I haven’t done any weight training or circuit training since even before my diagnosis.  In fact, the last time I did anything of the sort, I was still in high school working out with my brothers.  Immediately my mind began to race as to whether I could do this workout, whether my spasms would start up and I’d have to stop, or whether my face would look like it was getting a hooked (sorta like the cane that drags the old guy off the stage…but the cane is hooked into my cheek).  Mentally, I was psyching myself out huge.  When I recognized what I was doing, I sat up straight on the bike and as I peddled away I took one good look in the mirror across from me, “Sum, don’t let the fear get in the way.  You got this, just take it easy, don’t push yourself too hard.  Smile your way through this.  If you’re not smiling as your doing the station, you’ve pushed yourself too hard”. Alright, here we go…

There were 4 stations: biking, skipping, farmer’s walk, and medicine ball squat pass.  Each station was 5 mins, and then you switch.  Repeat circuit 3 times.

First round of circuits done, scanning my body to see if there’s pain,triggered a spasm, tension or soreness. None so far, on to round 2.  As we finished up on the bikes we hopped to the skipping ropes, and we began our skip.  I couldn’t help but feel like I was a little kid again.  As I smiled and skipped, I looked around the gym to see the entire team engaged, and supporting one another.  It was a pretty amazing sight to see, youths encouraging adults, adults uplifting each other and a coach who is incredibly animated and makes the entire experience fun.

As we approached the farmer’s walk, I put on my posture support and took a deep breathe.

I picked up the 20lbs weights, stood straight up, focusing on my core and bringing the weight load down.  I began walking, mentally I was already talking to myself,  “One foot in front of the other. Don’t rush.  Oh, roll your shoulders back, straighten up Sum. Good job”.  As I made my way back, I saw myself in the mirror and a smile spread across my face – I did it!

I headed off to the bikes again, then the skipping, and then the medicine ball.  My partner and I stood a distance apart and away we go, 5 minutes of squat chest passes.  It was fun, it reminded my of high school basketball practices or even playing hoops with my brothers.  Just as I closed my eyes to focus on the squat, my face pulls. I had to be reminded that the importance isn’t how low you go, your face shouldn’t be wincing as you squat. I got help to correct it, the pulling stops and I pass the ball to to my partner.  As she passes the ball back to me for my turn, she dances and I instantly smiled and giggled. “Thanks for reminding me that we can move during this exercise!” and I began to wiggle a bit when she did her turn.  I have to admit, that was my favourite part of the work out.  I was reminded  to lighten up and have fun.

We finished off the evening and I couldn’t believe how I felt.  I felt stronger, I felt accomplished and I felt proud.  I can’t wait until next week because, I survived day 4!


See you in the pool,



Sumbul Zafar

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