25 Sep

This weekend my fiance and I took a much needed break and headed up north to a friends trailer on McConnell Lake.  About 20 km of the Quebec boarder and hidden behind kilometres of tall pine trees, McConnell Lake is a hidden gem of Ontario.

My first challenge came from our friends who hosted us.  Megan asked how far I could swim in the lake.  I have never swam open water before, so I don’t know how far I could swim or what it was like.  That’s when she said “Laps of Love challenge GO!”

Off I went!  The water was breath takingly cold and green beyond what my eyes could see.  It took me a few minutes to gather my composure and figure out how to pace myself and how to breath.  The water was so cold that I couldn’t do my normal 3-5 stroke per breath and had to breathe every stroke.  Drylands was all about slowing down and focusing on the breathe – where is it coming from? how deep can you breathe?  Ahhhh! So I started focusing on where my breath was coming from…my upper chest meeting my throat.

From there I was changing my breathing to try and get a deeper breath from my spine and exhaling all the way through. Next, pair my pull with my kick so that I can propel myself forward and breathe.  That was a challenge because my body just wanted to go fast and get back to shore!  So slowing down to feel each stroke and kick and pairing them up to get the most force was a bit difficult, however, just as I began to return to shore it all clicked.   I returned to shore to see all the kids, my bulldog Harvey, my friends and my fiance Ryan cheering.

This challenge was absolutely incredible! I loved how I felt afterwards feeling this pride and a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Allin and Megan for the support!

For the video go to my Facebook page to see the swim!


Sumbul Zafar

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